Stockholm: Scandinavian timeless

Oriana Ramirez's Stockholm flat is an oasis of light and calm. Filled with character and charm but still contemporary in a timeless style. Clean lines with a minimalist feel, yet filled with plenty of personality and contrasts.


How would you describe your style?


- Oh that’s a really hard question. If I had to define it I’d say my style is timeless, personal and diverse. I love to find unique things on auction and in vintage shops and I like contrasts, different colours, materials and patterns. I like when things stand out.


Tell me more about the flat and how you decorated it:


- We bought this flat with the sole purpose of renovating it from top to bottom and that’s exactly what we did. We installed a new kitchen and put in new floors but what completely changed the look and feel of the flat was the decision to take down two main walls. We had visioned an open plan and spacious home where we could entertain friends and really feel at home. We made sure the kitchen was overlooking the dining room and that the space opened up to the living room. It was important to us that everything was ' flowing' and that the space allowed for beautiful views in all directions. We also decided to put in double doors between the living room and the bedroom which added to the character and charm of the flat.


Best sources for interior inspiration?


- I get a lot of my inspiration from Instagram and Pinterest. I love how you can search on basically any topic and be able to find so much visual inspiration. In addition I tend to find inspiration from fashion magazines, old movies and TV shows. Travelling is another great source of inspiration. I simply love to observe how the locals dress, eat and interact and take some of that home with me. My favourite city for inspiration is Paris. I lived there over a year after graduating from high school and it changed me forever. Hotel and restaurant design is also a great source of creativity.



Any materials/ colours/ fabrics you prefer?


- When it comes to textiles, I personally love thicker materials with plenty of texture. Velvet is a favourite of mine. I also love marble, especially black marble. Black marble has a decadent/luxurious feel about it. Colour wise, I’m drawn to different shades of blue and grey, particularly navy blue and charcoal grey. At the same time, I think it is extremely important to find balance by adding contrasting colours and materials in order to create something more interesting. 


Any trends you see within interior design? 


- The Scandinavians tend to stick to white and grey interior but this trend is definitely being challenged. The Scandinavian style is still very minimalistic but we are seeing bolder colours and fabrics become more prominent. Especially darker shades of grey, green and even black. I have noticed an increased amount of dark coloured walls in people’s homes. In terms of fabrics- velvet is coming back strongly, especially in furniture and textiles. I love this trend development since I definitely think we need more colour and bolder interior in Scandinavia.


Any designer or interior brands that you favour? Can you tell me a bit more about where you sourced your furniture and design from?


- I don’t mind that much about brands and designers. Most important is that it is aesthetically appealing to me and made of quality material. I find more value in things that have a history and can tell a story. That is why I love vintage so much.


Our kitchen is from Ballingslöv. The bookshelves in the living room is from IKEA ( Billy). The dining room table is from Vasahem Inredning in Stockholm as well as the dining room chairs are from Inside Möbler. The rug is actually bought at auction and the curtains from Ellos. 


Living room: Sofa from Mio Möbler, curtains from Ellos and Hemtex, coffee table from, rug from Rusta, pillows from H& M home and Ohlssons tiger, round vase from R.O.OM. Framed prints from Northern Story on the wall next to the sofa and abstract painting by Emmelie Svanfeldt above the sofa. Brass floor lamp bought at auction. Leather daybed bought at auction. Vintage bar cart is an heirloom; it belonged to my fiancés grandmother.


Bedroom: Bed and headboard from Mio möbler, bedside tables from Zara home, spotlights from, table lamps from Åhléns, bedspread from H&M home. Dressing table from Vasahem Inredning in Stockholm. Vintage mirror from Myrorna.


Hallway: Marble sideboard from GranitSet. The gallery wall consists of personal photos that me and my fiancé have taken ourselves and a print from Northern Story. Coffee table books, mostly bought in vintage shops. Table lamp, vintage. Brass pot from Skultuna. As you can see we like to mix and match and we like to source from wherever we find something beautiful and practical.





This spring I will finish my degree and become an interior stylist so my next project is to start my own business. I’m really excited to finally be able to work as interior stylist full time and to help other people achieve their dreams of creating their perfect home.



Photo Credit: Oriana Raminez