PARIS, ST GERMAIN: Tom Ford, cigar rooms and dark wood

Frederic Berthier is a Parisian architect with quite an impressive pedigree of working with the best architects and designers in the world- Jean Nouvel, Dominique Perrault and Philippe Starck, only to mention a few. After 7 years working with Mr. Starck, his main role model and inspiration, he started his own office in 2012 and is now travelling all over the world designing the most amazing and inspiring places and homes. Featured in below photos, this Parisian flat, located in the district of Saint Germain is one of Frederic’s recent projects.


What were your inspirations and thoughts behind this project?  

My main inspiration for this Paris flat was the Tom Ford movie "A single man". The client was a man whom liked cigar rooms, wood, marble and classic things. I wanted to create something simple but still elegant. The precious materials I chose are a combination of Saint Laurent marble, brown oak and smoked acacia wood. The flat consists of pretty much two colours: White and dark brown with a slight touch of grey. You can find the most advanced technology throughout the flat, but nothing is visible. I want things to work seamlessly but not be visually disturbing. As an example, you will not find any radiators, but instead the heat flows from heated walls and floors, which are invisible to the eye.

 Where do you seek inspiration?  

I would say most of my inspiration stems from my childhood and simply just by looking around you. Sometimes you find inspiration in unexpected ways. Paul Smith said "you can find inspiration in everything" and I agree with this. I can find inspiration while bicycling on the streets in Paris, when watching a movie or when I am travelling. The nature is always an important inspiration element.



What do you do when you are not designing houses? 

I love sports in all shapes and forms: bicycling, judo and wind surfing. I love being in the nature whenever possible. I also like music and all beautiful things…


Your favourite place in this world? 

There are so many great places on this earth, but if I have to pick one I would say the West coast of France, where I am fortunate to have a house. I love spending my time there, away from it all.


People you admire? 

Oh there are so many! Morrissey to Federer. Philippe Starck, Bradley Wiggins, Paul Smith, Hedi Slimane, Damon Albarn, Christian Liaigre, John Pawson, Dominique Perrault etc .The list is endless! I’m very impressed by people who "participate" in this world, who make things (It can be the baker at the corner of the street) and whom are trying to live their dreams!