The American dream: Have a peek inside Interior designer Drew Mc Gukin's creative world

NYC based interior designer Drew Mc Gukin is busy creating and designing amazing spaces around Manhattan, the Hamptons, N. Carolina and the American West Coast. Below he shares his views on designer trends, places that inspires him the most and let us have a peek inside some of his most exciting work.
Where do you find inspiration?
- People and travel are my main source of inspirations to me. It inspires me to be able to experience places and cultures and see how people live their daily lives. This in itself can translate into incredible design. 

Work you are most proud of?
- I am generally proud of all of our work to be honest. We push ourselves and to stay true-to-self when approaching design. I just finished a new project in San Fransisco which I really enjoyed working on. I would say that is my current favourite. 
Any trends you see within architecture and design?
- Intersecting planes and geometric forms are still largely prevalent. I’m starting to see lots of columns and cylindrical shapes appearing. Much more light vs. dark in terms of colour- not as much of the muddy middle tones. 80s notes and nods are creeping in all over. Arches and rounded shapes have been growing forward again and in fresh new ways.

How would you describe your style?
- Clean. Tailored. Light-hearted. I like to think there is a timeless quality to our work as well. 
Favourite travel destinations?
- Gosh… I have to choose? Paris is an obvious favourite for any design lover. I trekked to the Galapagos Islands last year, and I am recently back from Australia. I have an upcoming trip to Marrakech in the fall. Cuba, Mexico City and Guatemala are all on my list as well. I like far-flung places, not the everyday obvious stops. 
Dream projects?
- Right now I’m dreaming a lot about doing a project for myself — what would that look like? It has has me dazzled, daydreaming and nervous, all at the same time! 
What’s next for you?
- There will always be more great work. In addition we have some furniture collaborations in-process which I am excited about. I’ve also spent quite some time in California last year, so there will be some some East-West energy brewing in my world. 



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