BERLIN - Clean lines, simple and chic

You can tell that Johannes May ( co-founder of Swiss property ) and their designer/architect love clean lines and timeless elegance. This Berlin town house is something special with its vast space but carefully thought out details. It is called the Art Loft Townhouse project .The name stemming from its white washed walls - a perfect canvas for any art lovers wanting to hang their collections in a beautiful way.


Johannes tells me that they bought two townhouses and combined them into one and completely re designed the interior.

"We built the concrete staircase, the lounge, kitchen, bedrooms- basically everything from scratch. Art loft has four bedrooms, which is rather rare for Berlin Mitte. I love townhouses and the idea of having a garden in the city center"



This town house is actually for sale. Want more information on how you could get your hands on this beauty? Contact