Paris, St Germain : Architect Frederic Berthier : Parisian chic

PARIS: Saint Germain chic : A love affair with books and light

This stylish Saint Germain flat is combining old traditional architecture with clean, contemporary lines. Light, airy and white in contrast with wood, marble and dark grey - This space is cleverly thought out into smallest detail but still have that certain "Je ne sais quo" about it. So Parisian, so stylish.


The love for books and art are prominent in this couple's home with beautiful exposed shelvings and walls - showcasing the book- and art collection throughout the flat. 


St Germain flat , Frederic Berthier:  Living room



The architect and designer, Frederic Berthier tells us that most of the interior design were custom built in order to fit the space perfectly. The floors are stripped back oak boards, the kitchen custom made in white with plenty of carrara marble to give it a clean but luxurious feel. The furniture in the living room and bedrooms are made of finest wood, carved to perfection in order to achieve a sleek and an contemporary look. Every part of the flat has a purpose, so does its interior and its furniture.



The colour palette is ranging from bright white and neutrals to contrasting dark fabrics and deep grey walls. 

It was important says Frederic, to add some greenery with a well designed outdoor space in order to give the clean lined flat a feel of nature.


" I wanted to integrate the indoors and the outdoors with a beautifully decorated and green terrace with beautiful plants and seatings, where one could enjoy breakfast or dinner alfresco"


As in all Frederic Berthier's projects, all technology are hidden cleverly behind the walls and cupboards, whilst still providing the owners with the most advanced technology only a few single clicks away on a remote. In today's world there are great ways of combining echo friendly solutions with the best and advanced technology, making the homes energy efficient and high tech but beautifully designed in every shape and form.


This stunning flat can easy be described with one single word: Style. Get inspired.



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