Victor Hugo, Paris flat

Paris, Victor Hugo : White, crisp and pure style

Architect and designer Frederic Berthier designed this stunning Parisian flat, located in the 16th arrondissement, for a New York couple. The flat oozes style with its light and open spaces. 


" The couple I designed the flat for were both successful entrepreneurs whom lived a busy lifestyle. They wanted a home that was stylish, had clean lines and came with a great entertaining space. A big kitchen, reflecting their passion for cooking, was a must" 


The design of the flat came to live from the inspiration of one photo : A photo of a dress made by Yves Saint Laurent. The dress consisted of the colours : black, granit grey and white and was made in silk. 


Frederic took this photo and those colours and turned it into the exact colour scheme for this flat. Black wood, black silk carpet, black granit, white walls and white marble. Combine this with a touch of navy and teak and you get the final product of this Victor Hugo flat.

 Bathroom and bed room, Victor Hugo, Paris flat


" We decided to keep the fireplace as well as the beautiful corniced ceilings in order to keep with the Parisian style". The perfect match of contemporary and the grandness of old beautiful architecture and charm.


The flat is pure style and beauty with seamless high technology installed across . All invisible to the eye, combining functionality with beauty.


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