TEL AVIV: Contemporary simplicity

This Tel Aviv flat, overlooking the sea, is designed with simplicity while using high quality materials and advanced technology. Contemporary with clean lines. Simple but yet luxurious.


Frederic Berthier, who is the architect and designer behind the project, tells me that the flat was inspired by the yachts and the sea, making the inside of the flat feel like being onboard a very contemporary yacht.


The materials used are mainly mahogany, chromium and carrara marble reflecting the inspiration of the sea.

Frederic continues by saying he wanted to take advantage of the beautiful sea views why he chose to keep the decor simple. The flat is surrounded by floor to ceiling windows allowing the sea and city views to be showcased without any interruptions. Large mirrors and glass have been used throughout the flat, again emphasises on the views-highlighting rather then being overwhelming. Simplicity.


To soften the more ' bare' materials Frederic used silk carpets and accessories like cashmere blankets and beautiful linen etc. The furniture in the flat are mostly designed by Frederic and made bespoke for the project. Lighting is by Liaigre and the outdoors furniture by Philippe Starck. 


The flat is equipped with the most advanced technology. TV screens and mirrors disappearing into the bespoke furniture with a simple click on a remote - all made to create highest comfort but also to keep the design as seamless and clean as possible.



The kitchen and bathrooms are mainly designed in white, using carrara marble tiles and surfaces/ tops to create a beautiful and simple space but which still oozes style and quality. 


This stunning city home certainly offers that clean look and luxurious lifestyle. In addition, due to the windows and light, this flat feels a lot larger then it is - mainly by taking full advantage of space and angles while show casting views of city and ocean. Simple and stylish. Those two words describes this flat beautifully.


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