Swisse Me Up - How to stay healthy on the go

People often ask me how I stay healthy and fit while travelling and on the go. To be honest, we all know that it is not easy to fit in exercise, get the beauty sleep, eat healthy meals, get all the vitamins and minerals and also always have that energy to do all the things you are meant to do in 24 hours. After all we...

Belstaff first reveal of its archive: A history of speed and style

Amelia Earhart once said “Adventure is worthwhile in itself” and I think those words express so much in just one sentence. Belstaff has a rich and interesting history of creating timeless leather clothes and accessories for adventurers for almost a century - creating a legacy based on love for style and speed. 

Shoes, beauty, life and passions: Meet Max Moore

Max Moore is a Milan based, emerging shoe designer with a big passion for photography and fashion. His shoe brand "Max Moore", which is soon about to be launched, makes beautiful and hadmade shoes in Italy.

El Canuto: Jose Ignacio, Uraguay: Shop luxurious, handmade ponchos from the coolest little shop

This shop is a must to visit when in Jose Ignacio, Uraguay. Not only is the beach shack exterior and interior design oh so chic, oozing a barefoot je n'ais que style, but the clothes are beautiful

Brazil's Juliana De Lima Vasconcellos gives her thoughts on 2017 design trends

Juliana de Lima Vasconcellos is one stylish woman. Her beautiful houses, architectual projects and beautifully designed funiture are unique and equally stylish as herself. No wonder she is seen as the most prominent interior architect of her generation in Brazil. 

I love these colorful sandals- Perfect for the holiday beach getaway

I love these gorgeous, colorful sandals by Seafolly. Perfect essentials for the beach escape. Dress down, or dress up: these sandals are as chic worn to a casual lunch as to a stylish dinner party. To shop simply just click on photos!

Coctail Hour: Here are my favourite glassware

Christmas is around the corner and that means festive season. Invite your friends over to your house and serve up some coctails and wine in the most stylish glassware. Here are my favourities ! To SHOP,  just click on the photos:

Caftanii, Firenze: Timeless and beautiful

I have fallen in love with a new brand! Clean lines, timless and oh so stylish. Handmade in the highest quality so that one can not only look amazing but the touch and feel of the luxurious material on your body will make you never want to take these clothes off..

Ett Hem - Stockholm's luxurious and stylish home away from home

Ett Hem is one of those places that after you check in you never want to leave. I would be happy to move in here full time as this is what I would say is as close to the perfect home away from home- a place where you can put down your bags and feel taken care of but still have your privacy.