Swisse Me Up- How to stay healthy on the go

People often ask me how I stay healthy and fit while travelling and on the go. To be honest, we all know that it is not easy to fit in exercise, get the beauty sleep, eat healthy meals, get all the vitamins and minerals and also always have that energy to do all the things you are meant to do in 24 hours. After all we are only humans and I rather believe trying to reach some kind of balance and prioritise, but also enjoy life's many moments.


I love Swisse Me 's smoothies that are packed with all the goodness that our bodies need in order to keep up with our lifestyles and let us perform our best. The packaging is small enough to fit in your pocket or hand bag and also so easy to travel with. The flavours are plenty and taste fresh and heavenly, just as you would have made your own smoothie in the kitchen, with the freshest of fresh fruits and vegetables. Swisse Me let you can customise and choose your favourites as well as, if you have any dietary requirements (vegan, gluten free etc…), make sure that all smoothies fits your lifestyle, taste and health.  



Start your mornings with delicious cocoa or chia, get a Boost Me smoothie in the afternoon when the energy slumps...and a Replenish Me after a hard day's work or work out. All filled with nutritious and active ingredients (magnesium, protein etc…) to help our bodies recover and refuel us with minerals and vitamins. No sugar added-ever! 


I find that when I am travelling a lot as well as busy with work and life, my immune system can sometimes get a hit as well as it is hard for me to keep up my energy levels. It is difficult to get all the vitamins and minerals that I need why these little smoothies makes my life so much more easy as well as keep my body happy.


You can go to their website to order your favourites and try them out. I personally got the Try Me bundle box with a mix of different ones, just so that I could first try them out to see which ones that I loved the most...And which ones are my favourites? Ohh I loved them all but the Start Me Cocoa and Replenish Me Sprirulina are my absolute favourites! 


This blog post is an advert in a collaboration with Swisse Me.

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