Caftanii, Firenze: Timeless and beautiful 

I have fallen in love with a new brand! Clean lines, timless and oh so stylish. Handmade in the highest quality so that one can not only look amazing but the touch and the feel of the luxurious material on your body will make you never want to take the clothes off..


The founders of the Florence based brand Caftinii, twin sisters Ludovica and Ginevra Fagioli, tell me that the aim is to create stylish yet timeless pieces that make women feel the true meaning of beauty and elegance. 


Ludvica tells me that travelling is where the main inspirations come from - to discover and deepen the passion for fabrics, embroideries, traditions and, above all, that certain elegant, charming and casual lifestyle that we try to express through our creations. 


So what inspired these talented ladies to create this elegant brand and where does the passion come from?


"At the end of our studies we felt the desire to create something together, to start a common project, that took into account our emotions and the experiences gained through all the numerous travels together"



We can’t get enough of travelling around the world to discover textiles, fabrics, undiscovered boutiques, dresses, vintage markets but also to observe how women of different origin and cultures love to dress up.


Favourite Destination? 


Ginevra: The Caribbean, I'm sun addicted...

Ludovica: Paris, for its casual, timeless charm and elegance.


I am personally looking forward to getting dressed in Caftanii pieces for spring and summer 2017 and know they will be part of my essentials for any travel destination. More to come on this beautiful and stylish brand and excited to collaborate and share their journey.


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