Shoes, beauty, life and passions: Meet Max Moore


Max Moore is a Milan based, emerging shoe designer with a big passion for photography and fashion. His shoe brand, which is soon about to be launched, makes beautiful and handmade shoes in Italy.


"I seek inspiration in many 90s super models like Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington, Naomi Campell etc and love designers like Tom Ford and Dolce Gabbana. There is something more then just models and fashion. They succeeded to create a lifestyle around their brand and that is exactly what I like to accomplish. I want women to wear my shoes and feel amazing, while doing things that they love"


Max continues telling me that through his designs he wants to create inspirational and beautiful shoes which makes women go travel and explore, laugh and find happiness in the daily moments that passes us by. He is, in addition to being a fabulous shoe designer, also a talented photographer.


" When I am not drawing or sketching, I try to bring my camera where ever I go so I can capture all moments that inspire and intrigue me, whether in Milan or anywhere else in the world".

 Max Moore, Milan based shoe designer

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