Anna Subdina: Original painting: State of Flux Number 1

States of Flux, Number 1. Original. Signed. Price: £2,234 incl. VAT

States of Flux : Anna Sudbina

Anna Sudbina has an impressive pedigree having studied art and painting at the most prestigious schools and universities in the world. Her beautiful work is unique and has been shown at several exclusive exhibitions. In addition, Anna has collaborated with several luxurious brands eg: Lucas Hugh which was selected by Mario Testino for his High Plains Drifter shoot for UK VOGUE and since then appeared in numerous fashion publications and art press.


We are excited to feature and sell two of her original paintings, called States of Flux 1 and 2, exclusively here at A Limitless World. Just click on the photos to buy these one off pieces or contact us at if any enquiries. 

"Painting has always been something I just did. As a kid I used to walk around Moscow drawing anything that caught my eye. I took my first serious lessons in painting when I was about 13. The lessons were held in this incredible space, an old mansion hiding in the courtyards of a prestigious street. Sadly the building was almost falling apart but you could still see the grandness and beauty. It once belonged to the family of artists who worked and taught in the space. My teacher Maria Burganova was a painter, her father and her husband were both sculptors. The house smelled of creativity - paint drops covered all surfaces, brushes, easels, plaster moulds, canvases, sculptures were everywhere. It was full of quirky objects for still life installations, little bottles, drapes, waxy fruit and lobsters, oil lamps and marble busts. I absolutely loved it. We used to have tea half way through the session in the kitchen upstairs that had a traditional Russian pech (stove) and a Lazy Suzy covered in biscuits. I adored every single moment of it. "

Anna tells me that she then continued her education at the Russian school of academic drawing and painting with professors from Stroganov Moscow State University of Arts and Industry. She continued studied Languages and Psychology in Moscow before moving to London graduating from Central St Martins (UAL). 


Can you tell us about these two paintings and the thoughts and inspiration behind?

States of Flux is a series of 2 paintings I have worked on for over 3 years. The paintings evolved together as my practice was getting stronger and more balanced with each layer. The composition is shaped by juxtaposition of organic and geometrical shapes of accidental and intentional marks- this will then give the painting its vibrancy.  No stable system of equilibrium exists. The universe from atom to galaxy is in a perpetual state of flux. Everything and everyone are connected by one constant - change. In this invariable motion there is a brief moment of an unlikely complex organisation of chaotic bits of matters held together by information, that pop in and out of existence, from chaos to order and back again. Life is a fragile balance in between. 'States Of Flux' capture the essence of life, without any subject. It is a portrait of change. 


What collaborations and exhibitions have you undertake or working on?

As mentioned above, I have collaborated with several luxurious brands designing custom made textile prints and decorative surface patterns. My work for Lucas Hugh was selected by Mario Testino for his High Plains Drifter shoot for UK VOGUE and since then appeared in numerous fashion publications and art press. It sells in Harrods, Browns Focus, Brown Thomas, on Net-­a-porter, Matches Fashion and in many other boutiques across the world. I currently have an exhibition in By Other Means Gallery in London featuring some of my other work.


State of Flux 2: original painting

Anna Sudbina: States of Flux, Number 2. Original painting. Signed. £, 2,234 incl. VAT


What inspires you in life and when you paint? 

Coming from a great tradition of Russian abstract artists such as Kandinsky, Malevich, Chagal, my work draws upon newer ideas taking as its inspiration digitisation, fractals, quantum mechanics, the infinite and the unconscious. 

I am curious by nature and was always interested in science, new ideas, our constant search for answers. There are so many areas that provide food for thought - human brain and consciousness,  memory, our relationship with time, the particle world that challenges the existing framework of accepted knowledge. All these areas titillating the imagination are great resources for inspiration. 


Another great source of inspiration is beauty. Some people would call it the divine. It can be a piece of music or a sunset, a mathematical equation or light breaking through the tree canopy, the sound of autumn leaves, a true master at work- maybe a baker or a calligraphist, a story of human kindness. Anything that touches the heart..There is an abundance of beauty in the world and it is always an inspiration.  


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