South African photographer Nick Aldridge: Ocean flow

Cape Town based photographer Nick Aldridge's "Ocean Flow" collection is shot at his local beach in Llandudno. His love for the ocean and its endless flow and motions are visible in this beautiful series of photos.


Nick studied at Michealis School of Fine Art and the University of Cape Town and all he ever wanted to be, was a great photographer. His first real job was for the biggest local Afrikaans language newspaper. By his second month, he met and photographed Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, got shot at in a riot and had an image of the first fish in Cape Town’s new aquarium on the front page. 


Ocean Flow. Number 2 . Limited edition. £ 550 , includes shipping to Europe/ US. 


However, working with covering news and sometimes extremely gruesome stories was tough on Nick. 

" After two years of late nights, seeing men with guns, crying women, and too many images of dead bodies, I decided to quit and I began looking at ways of making more subtle, sensitive images and telling different kinds of stories "

 Nick continues by saying he feels lucky to have been able to explore so many different angles and feel fortune that he had the opportunity to work with extra ordinary people and amazing projects. His passion for society and the world is clearly visible within his photography.


Ocean Flow. Number 3 . Limited edition. £ 550 , includes shipping to Europe/ US. 


"In my ± 20 years as a photographer, I’ve had my work appear in most of the major publications in South Africa and numerous international titles. I’ve shot some advertising campaigns, lots of books, a bunch of magazine covers, many portraits and received a few impressive awards.


I love film and the amazing tools of creating great digital images. The possible cross-pollinations of the two makes it even more interesting. I appreciate the story-telling capabilities of working with motion and the crafting and subtlety that modern photographic post-production allow us."


Ocean Flow. Number 4 . Limited edition. £ 550 , includes shipping to Europe/ US. 


Nick's Ocean flow series, which is in limited edition and signed , can be bought directly at A Limitless World. To buy please click on each images or click here to go to MY STORE.





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