Stefan Radtke was born in Germany but live since many years back, just outside New York City. His work is a beautiful combination of colours, abstract movements and blurred lines. The main source of inspiration to his recent collections has been the local East-Coast landscapes.


"The light is constantly changing why photographs will be captured differently depending on the light, the time of day as well as how you angle the camera. I live close by the Long Island Sound and simply decided I wanted to see how many times I could photograph the same place and still make the photos different and unique"


First Light: Number 12


Stefan's photographs are abstract with fascinating colours of stunning landscapes. He talks about letting go and to push yourself in order to create the best photos. 


"I learned how to let go and taking risks since it is only then you are able to capture the best pictures. My photography artwork is inspired by the style of abstract expressionists and the color palettes of local landscapes. I am giving the audience room to interpret the work. Instead of actively telling a story, I let the audience take the photographs as an inspiration for their own stories."


Moved Number 3


Radtke's main collections, of which you can view and buy here, consist of: First Light and Moved. Both similar but still different. 


FIRST LIGHT : was created in 20014 and 2015 along the coast of the Long Island Sound in New York over a period of weeks right around sunrise.


MOVED:  The images of these current series depict locations in and around Rye, New York. Stefan used a long exposure technique combined with deliberate camera movement in order to create an illusion of painting inspired photographs of landscapes, devoid of detail. Radtke continues saying he wanted to try capturing an atmosphere rather than an explicit reality and opening for the viewer the possibility for interpretation. All photographs are made in camera without digital manipulation.


First Light Number 18 


Stefan Radtke's work is collected all around the world and he has been featured in many high end magazines and media. View full collection and buy limited edition ( signed and numbered ) photographs from the ' First Light' and ' Moved' collections here in MY STORE.