Bahamas Tales: Limited edition photography by Alessandro

BAHAMIAN TALES: BEACH BOYS . from £ 259 incl. shipping

The lonesome photographer: Alessandro Sarno: Bahamian Tales

"Bahamian Tales" is a collection of photographs, shot by Italian photographer Alessandro Sarno, in The Bahamas. The photos tell the stories of the everyday life as well as highlighting the beauty and the culture of the country.


Alessandro says he fell in love with the Bahamas when first visited in 2008 and have since then been back many times. "I take photos of whatever moves me, whatever feeds my soul. The eye and the camera become a mere instrument for the soul to be expressed. I believe photography is a visual form of poetry" 


All of the photos below can be bought here at A Limitless World. All are in limited edition and sold signed and numbered. Simply click on the photos or go directly to MY STORE.


Bahamian Tales: Shorelines. From £259 incl. shipping 


Alessandro's photographs focus on people, landscapes and wildlife- all the little details he notices during his journeys. He continues by telling me that he always had a passion for travel, even though he is a nervous flyer.


" I mostly travel alone ( and I love it ) because It's the only way I can completely open myself up to experience the places and the people I encounter along my way. I like to call myself a travel photographer, yet feel the need to specify that I don’t travel to take photos; on the contrary, I take photos because I travel "


Bahamian Tales: The girl who dances with the sea . From £ 259 incl. shipping 


Each of Alessandro's photos have a story. As an example, the photo above was captured on the Western end of New Providence at sunset.

"I was driving when I noticed this girl playing with her father. I loved the scene and decided to pull over and take some shots. This particular one depicts how children enjoy the beach after school. To me the connection with the sea is fundamental for both my personal life and inspiration. Through this photograph I wish to encourage that kind of connection between children and the ocean "


Bahamian Tales: Tropical Dream. From £259 incl. shipping. 


Alessandro consider photography his travel companion. "When I take a picture I capture an emotion that I hold on to for the rest of my life. I often look at old photographs. I remember everything; the smell, the sounds, the ambience and the emotions they elicited. When I am not traveling but feel like I want to escape, I simply open my Mac book and immerse myself in some old images. 


Bahamian Tales: Bahamian Geometry. £ 259 including shipping


Bahamian Tales: Bladerunner. £295 including shipping


Alessandro highlights that this limited edition collection was made to spark wanderlust and encourage people to go visit the most authentic sides of The Bahamas. To go off the beaten track. To travel and explore.


Bahamian Tales: Sunrise Dews : From £ 259 incl. shipping


As mentioned earlier, each of these photos have a story and full description of each images are outlined in the product description in MY STORE. Just click on the photo to read more as well as get full details.


Bahamian Tales: Resting arms . £259 incl. shipping



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