Raffaella Molin: Large decorative bottles

Raffaella Molin: Unique, bespoke and handmade ceramics

Raffaella Molin creates the most beautiful and unique decorative pieces. Each piece is handmade and bespoke, creating an exclusiveness and timeless feel. 

After graduating as a make-up artist at the London College of Fashion,followed by several collaborations with emerging photographers, Raffaella recognised a growing need to wanting to create 3-dimensional objects.

Her interest in sculpturing was born and she went on to train in the art of ceramics. Raffaella's current work reflects her interest in the primordial beauty of artefacts, folk crafts and the simplicity of utilitarian objects. 


Raffaella Molin: Small cracked decorative bottles

Her pieces are created using black clay and mixed media, utilising traditional hand building methods such as coiling, pinching and slab building. She is manipulating surfaces, to create the effects of discarded objects that have developed various textures through usage and time. Each of Raffaella's pieces is unique.


The techniques are inspired by the quality of the material. Black clay is worked thick and rough in a sometimes playful and sometimes daring manner. The rugged textures and marks are unpredictable and spontaneous making each piece so unique. Get your hands on your own special and unique piece. There will only be one of that kind - Buy directly here at A Limitless World in MY STORE.

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