The JADA Fine Jewellery brand was established in 2010, by designer Ceyda Gungor, with the ethos of creating timeless, classic, luxury jewellery to be worn everyday rather than to be confined to a safe. The idea of 'family' is intrinsic in both the collections and the wider spirit of the brand for Ceyda. The tradition of passing on jewellery, with its individual and personal stories, has always been important to the designer and lies at the heart of the brand itself. With the focus on hand-crafted, artisan pieces, each collection is designed by Ceyda. Five collections have been created to date: Reina, Zea, Yelda, Changa and Juju, which are all inspired by experiences, places and people close to Ceyda. The jewellery is set in white, yellow and rose gold, with champagne, white and black diamonds, blue and green sapphires and beautiful rubies. Shop the beautiful JADA pieces here directly at A Limitless World by clicking here.



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