MISELA: STYLE NEVER FADES: Beautiful handmade leather goods and interior design

Founder and creative director, Serra Turker, was born and raised in Istanbul. After studying textile design at the renowned art and design institute Rhode Island School of Design in the United States, Turker knew her passion stemmed from her unique connection with the languag of color, texture, and design. The launch of the brand came into fruition after moving to NYC where she worked with celebrated designers of the day, including Edoardo Mantelli from Tocca.

Launching Misela was the true evolvement of various aspects of art, design and lifestyle that Turker had ensembled along her journey between Istanbul and New York. For Turker, a handbag is a canvas ready to be transformed into an abstract depiction of a woman’s soul. Misela reflects her way of living, finding the hidden pleasures and transforming them into an object of desire. Fashion comes and goes, but Misela is a lifestyle, and style never fades.

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