Biso Coco Organic Coffee Scrub

Bring Everywhere, Wear Anywhere - Biso Coco is here!

Made of the highest quality organic raw ingredients and filled with goodness, Biso Coco's products are not only magic for your face and body- they also come in beautifully and practically designed packaging. Easy to bring with you everywhere and a must for all the summer escapes. Put it in the suitcase or your handbag and you are ready to go.


Biso Coco

The Coco Biso pure Organic Coconut Oil is made for the face and body and comes in the purest unrefined form. Made to give you that healthy glow and can be used all over the body. 


To keep your body exfoliated and soft, the Coco Biso Coffee Scrub comes packed with antioxidants. Delicious brown sugar adding to the scrubbing action, almond oil to protect your skin from oxidative stress and UV radiation damage, cinnamon for it's antiseptic qualities and tangerine essential oils for a simply irresistible scent.


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