The perfect bikini : New arrivals: Escape in style

Swedish new swimwear brand DEMADLY makes the most stylish bikinis with that perfect fit. Swim in the ocean or just look chic hanging out on the beach or by the pool- your body will look its best at all times with these lovely bikinis.


Founder, Madeleine Forssell says that the starting point for all of our productions are extensive craftsmanship and passion. All swimwear is made out of the softest Italian cutting-edge fabrics that ensures an excellent shape retention over time and can truly withstand sun, salt and pool water. Carefully and sustainably crafted in a small local factory in Northern Italy with a legacy of working with the leading Italian fashion houses


Timeless classics. Stylish yet functional. Choose your favourite and just click to buy directly here at A Limitless World.


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DEMADLY: handmade and braided bikini in Midnight blue

DEMADLY: handmade and braided bikini in bright white






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