Discover your holiday essentials : MY JEMMA - luxurious pieces with the perfect fit

Find your suitcase essentials here at A LIMITLESS WORLD, and why not start by taking a look at MY JEMMA's gorgeous holiday collection . Pick your favourite bikini, kaftan and shorts and buy with a simple click.


Emma Herin Jarach is the Swedish designer behind the beachwear brand MY JEMMA. The brand is based in Monaco and the main inspiration is the Mediterranean ocean and its many colours. The collections are made in Como, Italy and only the most luxurious, high quality fabrics are used to create beautiful pieces with the perfect fit. Kate Moss, Sofi Fahrman and Rihanna are only a few of the celebrities whom adore the brand. 





View the full stylish collection, consisting of bikinis, kaftans, shorts etc here at A LIMITLESS WORLD in : MY STORE. 


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