Sea Sage: handmade, stylish and timeless kaftans

Ready for summer? These stylish and luxurious kaftans will take you from beach to evening

Summer is around the corner and that means stylish escapes to sea side or country, Wherever you go, these luxurious and timeless kaftans from Turk and Caicos designer sea sage will take you from beach to lunch to evening in style. 


Each kaftan is handmade in the most precious and high quality material, made to last for a life time. Inspired by photos taken from the islands of Turk and Caicos, each kaftan is crafted with care and precision - made to be worn for many years to come. Dress it up, dress it can never go wrong with these gorgeous pieces. Which color and style is your favourite? Click on photos to buy or go directly to MY STORE.


SeaSage: Handmade, stylish and timeless kaftans 

 SeaSage: stylish, handmade and timeless kaftans

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