Deia, Mallorca: View from La ResidenciaDeia, Mallorca : A stylish fairytale village 

There is something magical about Deia. Perched high up on the cliff tops, where the light seem to magically bouncing off the mountains, Deia is one of the most beautiful and picturesque villages I have ever seen. Everything seems almost picture perfect with its winding cobblestone streets and breathtaking views of the mountains, sea and the sweeping lemon and olive groves. This little town and its surroundings landscape is a piece of heaven. Welcome to fairytale land. 


Deia , Mallorca

Deia is located in the North West part of Mallorca in the Serra de Tramuntana area, a 45 minutes taxi ride from Palma airport. This is the real Mallorca countryside, as far off and different from the charter tourists and the overdeveloped hotels in the South. Deia and the surrounding areas were in recent years made an UNESCO heritage site and is protected from developments and changes to its old architectural characteristic and nature. No high rise or apartment buildings in sight and that is how the locals and the returning visitors would like to keep it.


Cala Deia, Mallorca C'as Patro March

The rugged but stunning nature and the village's incredible charm and relaxed atmosphere makes Deia a truly special and unique place. It has been a magnet for the stylish fashion crowd, creatives and celebrities for some time and you can easily understand why people are drawn to this hidden gem. It is a place that inspires, where you can find privacy and an escape from the hectic life and truly unwind. I almost started to feel like a local after spending a couple of weeks here, recognising people and saying good morning and small chatting when picking up the fresh bread and pastries at the bakery, as part of my daily morning routine before heading down to the beach.


Deia is a quiet town but with its stylish and chic top notch restaurants and the town's hot spot bar ( only bar ) Sa Fonda on your doorstep - you can choose when you want to dine on gourmet food or have sangria to live music while mingling and enjoying a bit of a social scene. 


Deia, Mallorca

Where to eat and drink?:


Sa Fonda: It is here it all happens. Don't be fooled by the slight casual and simple look, it is at this lovely bar everyone seem to end up. It is here you will meet everyone and where everyone comes. Celebrities, jet setters and the locals, everyone mixes in a refreshing, great and relaxed atmosphere. 7 pm is cocktail hour at Sa Fonda and then people disappear to their villas or to any of the chic restaurants for dinner and after 10.30 pm everyone seems to reappear for round 2. Don't worry about putting on your high heels or suit jacket. Sandals and low key barefoot ' je n'ai sais que' style is the way to go here. You could come directly from the beach or swim and no one would lift an eye brow.


Restaurante Sebastian: Family run restaurant with beautifully made fresh food and a great atmosphere. Stylish decor and fashionable crowd. Make sure you reserve a table in advance.


El Olivio, La Residencia: The food is divine and the settings are breathtakingly beautiful. Anything on the menu is mouth watering and the taste menu is heavenly. Sunset drinks on the veranda overlooking the perfectly manicured gardens, mountains and the village is a must. Bliss. 


Es Raco D'es Teix: Michelin star restaurant with spectacular food and settings. Helmed by the German chef Josef Sauerchsell the restaurant is set in a rustic farmhouse and offers a lush landscape of vegetable gardens and you will be served only the most fresh and local produce. Divided between a large outdoor terrace and more formal dining room I would personally prefer the outdoors in order to enjoy the most beautiful views and the clear star lit sky at night.


Ca's Patro March : Perched on the cliffs overlooking Cala Deia and its crystal clear waters, this place offers great ambiance for lunch or dinner. Feast on some of the best seafood on the island, simply cooked and caught by local fishermen while enjoying the spectacular view of the bay. The place get very busy in July and August so make sure to make reservation.


Sa Vinya: Beautifully prepared and tasty food in a friendly atmosphere. The terrace is overlooking the mountains and is surrounded by mandarin trees and scented flowers. Simply beautiful.


Beaches: The beaches and waters around Deia are beautiful with azure crystal clear waters and stunning scenery. The best way to experience the coast line is naturally by boat since you then can access some amazing spots that can't be reached by foot.


However, you can discover some lovely gems by hiking away from the crowd and finding your own private rock pool and cliffs to dive from. If you don't have a car, the walk down from the village down the hill through the olives groves to Cala Deia is quite long ( about 25-30 min ) but it is a beautiful walk. Make sure to put proper shoes on though since those pretty sandals you are wearing will be destroyed...


Cala Deia, Mallorca

Cala Deia: The local Deia pebbled beach cove is small but beautiful, blending into the surrounding rocks. The place can be very busy in summer time but if you are prepared to walk a bit further, hike up on the trail ( starting just by the beach ) with the sign "to Sollar". The hiking trail is leading from Cala Deia around the coast line and offers some spectacular scenery. There are a few places you can walk down from the cliffs down to the sea and thereby finding your own private rocks to swim from. True bliss.


Cala Deia, Mallorca

Where to stay?: If you are not fortunate to own a villa or have friends that does, there are still some great places to stay. Renting a villa is in many case preferred but there are also some beautiful boutique hotels in the area. Here are a few favourites:


La Residencia: Heaven spelled with capital letters. Pure perfection. Stylish and understated luxury with superb attention to detail. Life does not get much better then staying at La Res...If you are not fortunate to stay here, make sure you come for a sunset drink on their stunning veranda. The views from here are incredible.


Hotel D'es Puig: This place is a gem. Small boutique hotel with friendly staff and beautiful decorated rooms. Quiet and peaceful with beautiful settings including two smaller pools. Serene. 


Sa Pedressa: Small boutique hotel that oozes style. Spectacular views, immaculate beautiful rooms and a beautiful garden with a divine pool.


Villa Verde: Rustic and simple in traditional Spanish style but still very charming. The outdoor terrace is lovely and the views are to die for.