Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica : Rustic chic in the rainforest

The ultimate luxury is sometimes the opportunity to escape somewhere very remote. A place that is far away from everything and offers privacy, wildlife on your door step and endless secluded beaches. A place where you can kick off your shoes, be barefoot and truly unwind. Wake up at sun rise, walk down the hill for a morning surf at an uncrowded beach. No noise, no distractions, just the sounds of the waves and the birds singing. Then come back to the lodge for a breakfast made of only organic produce grown on the estate. Pure bliss. Paradise found. That is the ultimate luxury.


Curl up with a book in your hammock on your private deck, relax and think about whether you should go for some yoga or a hike in the afternoon. Explore, adventure or just stay put in the hammock, watching the stunning and enchanting wildlife parade in front of your eyes. The choice is yours.


Osa Clandestina is one of those hidden gems that I search for when travelling. A rustic but yet stylish and elegant eco lodge located in the remote Osa Peninsula of South West Costa Rica. More specifically: Cabo Matapalo. It is here the depths of the Pacific Ocean and the warm waters of the Golfo Dulce merge along a pristine point.  


Playa Matapalo, Osa Penisnula

The lodge sits on a hillside, only a five minute walk from the beach and is surrounded by lush rainforest, fruit trees and stunning scenery. There is even a pool filled with spring water which has been built in among the rocks.  


As mentioned earlier, the wildlife in the region is extra ordinary: from sea turtles and whales to scarlet macaws, and yes, even jaguars. You don't have to venture far to experience a wild range of animals in its natural habitat.


When staying at Osa Clandestina you will be served all meals at the beautiful dining space which is set in the midst of the green jungle. All food is organic and sourced from their own farm or from the private reserve which the lodge is set on. Even the tasty sauces are made here in the kitchen and everything is prepared from scratched. The hearty and healthy meals are definitely one of the highlights while staying at Osa Clandestina.


Osa Clandestina is not a place where you can call room service in the middle of the night or where you go to hang out at fancy restaurants and bars. This is as remote as it gets and it is all about being one with nature and feeding your body and soul with peace and quiet as well as with adventure and wildlife experiences.


How you spend your time while staying here is completely up to you. You can choose to have your own privacy and do your own thing at a slow pace or if you are seeking more of an adventure- many activities or guided tours can be arranged by owner Derek Ferguson. Kayaking, horseback riding, surf lessons, sport fishing, paddle boarding or hiking are only a few of activities that are on offer.


So how to you get to this magical place in paradise? The easiest way is to fly to San Jose International airport and then take a short flight ( roughly an hour ) from there to Puerto Jimenez. Both Sansa and Nature Air fly here. From Puerto Jimenez a taxi ride can easily be arranged.


If you are the adventurous type and have more time for your trip, you can also drive from San Jose to Clandestina. The journal by coastal highway takes around 7 hours, and should be done during daylight hours. It is a beautiful drive and you will encounter many lovely spots and scenery on your way.


To stay at Osa Clandastina or if any questions, please contact them directly here at: osaclandestina@gmail.com