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Anna Sudbina

Anna Sudbina: State of Flux, Number 2: Original painting

Anna Sudbina has an impressive pedigree having studied art and painting at the most prestigious schools and universities in the world. Her beautiful work is unique and has been shown at several exclusive exhibitions. In addition, Anna has collaborated with several luxury brands eg: Lucas Hugh had been selected by Mario Testino for his High Plains Drifter shoot for UK VOGUE and since then appeared in numerous fashion publications and art press. We are excited to feature and sell two of her original paintings, called State of Flux 1 and 2, exclusively here at A Limitless World.

To read more bout Anna's Story as well as the background of the two original State of Flux paintings click here to read full feature in MY ART.


Original one off painting by Anna Sudbina. Signed.

SIZE: 102 x 75 x 1.5 cm. Can be hanged horizontially or vertical.

MATERIAL: Mixed media on canvas ( acrylic media and ink )

States of Flux is a series of 2 paintings I have worked on for over 3 years.  The paintings evolved together with my practice getting stronger and more balanced with each layer. 

The composition is shaped by juxtaposition of organic and geometrical shapes, of accidental and intentional marks, that give the painting its vibrancy.


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