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Alessandro Sarno

Bahamian Tales: Beach boys

Stunning limited edition photography from Italian photographer Alessandro Sarno from his Bahamas exhibition. All sold signed and numbered.

Title: Beach Boys

Collection: Bahamian Tales

Location: Delaporte Beach, New Providence, The Bahamas

Limited Edition: 10 prints all sizes

Paper: Fuji-color Crystal Archive Supreme paper

Sizes available:

- 30x45 cm 

- 50x75 cm

Description: On Sundays, after church, Bahamians flock to their beautiful beaches. Last April I was hanging out at the beach with a friend, when a group of kids arrived with their mom. They rushed into the water. They played, laughed and jumped, just like kids used to do for fun, before the smart phones era.

They saw me taking pictures and did their best to jump and dive synchronised. The black and white tones function as a time travel machine, taking the viewer back in the old Bahamas lifestyle.

SHIPPING TO/WITHIN EUROPE AND US INCLUDED IN PRICE. Any other shipping destination, please contact us at and we will give you an exact quote. 

Read more about Alessandro Sarno and his inspirations and journey in MY ART.

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