Spain, Cabo Roig: Scandinavian simplicity with an ethnic touch

Two years ago, Eva Farsund and her husband decided to leave Norway and move to Spain. The kids were grown up and had flown the nest, now studying abroad and Eva and her husband started to long for a fresh start in a warmer climate.


Having previously lived many years abroad, this international couple decided to buy a house in the sea side town of Cabo Roig, on the internet, without even having seen the place. Within a month they had packed up and rented out their house in Oslo, quit their jobs and set course with a full packed car, en route to Spain.


The house is contemporary both in its architecture and interior with a beautiful roof terrace, pool deck and an amazing outdoor kitchen. Functional yet stylish.


Eva always had a passion for interior design and says she describes her style as Scandinavian simplicity with an ethnic influence. Clean lines and a neutral palette but with some colour blended in. "I don't follow trends and my main purpose is to make my homes liveable and comfortable. I find and buy furniture and accessories from a variety of places - from well known designers and brands to handmade crafts from the local market". 


"My favourite designer is Slettvoll which is a Norwegian brand. Typical Scandinavian in its colours and style which always feels timeless and right. I was born and raised by the Norweigian coast and always been inspired by the sea and its colours. In addition we lived an extensive time of our lives abroad, eg: in the Middle East, why some part of the house and its interior design are partly influenced by that area. 


When Eva and her husband are not decorating houses, they love to entertain with dinner parties by the outdoor pool area, cooking up a feast of the local Spanish produce.


Eva says that they love having their kids visiting here in Spain but that they do go back to Norway quite a lot. The couple owns a beautiful ski lodge in the Norwegian mountains of Hemsedal and when fresh snow has fallen you most likely will see them returning back to the mother country to enjoy some great skiing. After a long day, being outdoors in the cold, nothing is better then snuggling up in front of the fireplace. "I think we found a good balance in life and we like to think we have the best of both worlds. The sun and sea, the snow and the mountains".


To view more of Eva's style and her interior work, please see her instagram profile: @interiorbyeva



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