A Brazilian Dream - The Novogratz's beach house in Trancoso

The Novogratz family is quite a special and inspiring family. Robert Novogratz and his wife Courtney have designed and developed some quite spectacular homes, hotels and spaces in NYC, LA and beyond. Each of their projects are well thought through and designed in an unique style.


The first time I met Robert Novogratz and his beautiful family, was when walking down on the beach in the magical place called Trancoso, located in the Bahia state of Brazil. I sat down for lunch at the little beach restaurant and Robert and his wife Courtney happened to sit down next to me and we started to talk. That was the beginning of a friendship, sharing the same passions for travelling and design. Below, Robert Novogratz gives me his personal thoughts behind the build of their Trancoso beach house.


What made you decide to build a beach home in Trancoso? 

Years ago, a design friend brought me to Trancoso. It was such a magical place. Beautiful. Not over developed and with amazing beaches, nature and wonderful people. It was so different and felt instantly right.



What was important to you in regards to design and features? 

Trancoso is all about nature. I wanted to let the nature speak for itself and keep everything open plan. Brazil has wonderful woods and we decided to use local woods from many species throughout the house. The interiors are more our style, compared to what you may say would be traditional Trancoso style. However, we always strive for being a bit different and making our homes and projects unique.



Any favourite places in the house ? Any particular part that you feel ‘ happier’ with then others? 

The dining area is pretty great. It has amazing views of the ocean and it is the perfect place to start the day - with a breakfast and a big coffee. It is here I like to do most of my work on the laptop while still being able to enjoy the ocean and nature. At night time, the place get transformed to a space for dinners and entertaining. The tree house however, is probably the best part of the house. It is very unique in comfort and design as well as more private than the rest of the home. I am also pleased with how the stone shower turned out.



When in Trancoso and at your home here – what to you like to do ? What do you enjoy the most? 

We live to relax in Trancoso. We try go to the beach everyday. Nothing is better than a fun lunch on the beach with a bottle of wine or two. Just hanging out with family and friends and soaking up the beautiful surroundings and atmosphere. 


Whats next for the Novogratz?

We are currently busy designing 8 new projects- in California and New York mainly. Two of the projects are hotels which we love to design.  We also have a new bedding line coming out soon as well as we just finished our third Rizzoli Book which happens to be about Trancoso. 


Read more about the Novogratz and their Trancoso beach home here http://www.casadenovogratz.com



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