Casa Torcida: A piece of architectural art

CASA TORCIDA: An eco friendly architectural piece of art

It took Derek Ferguson almost 10 years to realise and finish his dream project. He found the perfect secluded place on the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica and he had a clear vision - a contemporary glass and steel house set in the lush rainforest. Derek was looking for a modern New York loft style home but set in the most secluded, tropical jungle. It proved to be a major challenge but after quite some time he found the right people and architects whom managed to complete the project. Derek explains that the reality is that, as mentioned above, it took 10 years but also 3 different builders and a hefty sum of money to build this incredible house in the middle of the rainforest. The end result was this stunning beach house. A piece of architectural art with rigour attention to detail.


Casa Torcida: Pool area

Casa Torcida is nestled into the pristine, wild rainforest and offers breathtaking sea views over the Golfo Dulce. The house is taking advantage of the stunning views and settings while combining contemporary glass and steel with local wood. The beautiful wood softens and give a contrast to the more 'bare and industrial' materials used. The interior design was inspired by the nature and fauna surrounding the house. Bright, tropical colours against a neutral palette.

 Casa Torcida: Bedroom opens up to outdoors space

Derek tells me that it was important to him, that the house had a great flow between the inside and the outside in order to create a seamless feel. Each of the rooms open up and becomes one with the outdoors.

The primary living spaces are separated from the outdoors by deep eaves with a movable glass wall system or a wall system of integrated insect screens, shutters and louvres which provide both protection and privacy.

As a result of the materials chosen, in combination with the airflow throughout the house, no air conditioners are needed. The house stays cool even in the hottest and most humid months. In addition, the house is 100% eco friendly only using solar and hydro power, making this house not only visually beautiful but also technologically advanced, optimising functionality and efficiency.


"The roof is covered with a reflective white membrane, so as to prevent the absorption of heat. The roof features 94 solar panels that provide the house's full electrical energy needs, while a rainwater collection system minimises water runoff and erosion on the site and provides all of the home's water needs." 


Coty Sidnam and her firm, SPG Architects in New York, were the architects that helped Derek realise his dream and making sure the house took full advantages of all angels and settings. With Derek's clear visions and own drawings, SPG Architects and San Jose based builder Sergio Camacho de Pass, were able to restart and complete the project into the five-level, 18,000 SF, indoor-outdoor residence that Casa Torcida is today. 

 Casa Torcida: Kitchen

Coty continues by explaining that although the project certainly had its challenges, it was also a rewarding process to see Derek's visions come alive.

Derek and SPG Architects collaborated with a Venuezuelian interior designer in order to create the unique and modern feel that Derek was after. The result was a combination of contemporary, clean lines and functionality. In addition, wood from the local area was used to create and build bespoke pieces around the house eg: kitchen table, shelves and doors.


Casa Torcida: Exterior by nightCasa Torcida: Library  

Since not all furniture and fittings could be made in Costa Rica, Derek let import the necessary additional tiles, bespoke furniture and accessories from the US and Europe. The result is a stunning combination of local craftsmanship and high end, one off design pieces and classics.


Casa Torcida: Bedroom shutters

Derek lives 8 months of the year at the house in Costa Rica but does occasionally rent out the house for special occasions or requests. If interested, please contact us at and we will forward your enquiries.  

 Bedroom shutters and blinds 
PHOTO CREDIT: Charles Lindsay

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