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Raffaella Molin


Beautiful, handmade and bespoke. Large decorative bottles by ceramic artist Raffaela Molin.

Each bottle is unique and a one off.

SOLD AS A SET WITH TWO BOTTLES (H. 25cm W. 9.5cm and H. 28cm W. 9cm). 

The colour is white/grey/blue but may vary slightly from piece to piece.  

Raffaela's pieces are created by using black clay and mixed media, utilising traditional hand building methods such as coiling, pinching and slab building. She is manipulating surfaces, to create the effects of discarded objects that have developed various textures through usage and time. Each bottle has a rugged and slightly ' cracked ' texture and what may be seen as imperfection is actually part of the unique art work and craftsmanship.

Each piece is signed.

Price includes shipping to/within Europe and USA.

If you like to order and get it shipped outside these regions, please email us at and we will quote you an exact price. Since this is a bespoke and handmade product just for you, the delivery time might be 1-2 weeks. 

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