Unlocking ways to shape glass: The most stunning and unique hand blown glass pendants

Oliver Hoglund and Ryan Roberts are the founders behind the brand SOKTAS whom makes the beautiful hand blown glass pendants that you can view and buy here at A Limitless World. 
Ryan is from Australia and Oliver from New Zealand. They both met in Norway and it was there the SØKTAS got born as an "idea". Oliver is focused on making these unique pieces using his exceptional craft skills while Ryan is taking care of the business side. However, together they make all decisions together and making sure the brand reflects their stories and their visions. The design of the lamps basically came about from combining the craft with light since beautiful light and glass are a perfect fit together.


" The idea to use the filament style bulb really fit in with the lights we create. The subtle glow of the bulb bounces off the clear glass really well and refracts with the curves of the glass. The design itself was made from the simple idea to create a "light shade". A basic bubble of glass to dress the bulbs. I prefer to make the "bubble" look more interesting and showcase a bit more character than a basic shape you might find from a lot of stores or with machine made glass. The techniques i picked up over the last 15 years working with glass has helped so much with unlocking ways to shape the glass more to the style that i would like. Obviously the craft is very difficult and takes years of practice so the "ideas" are basically years and years worth of trial and error "


Oliver tells me that both his father and grandfather worked at the well known Kosta Boda Glassworks in Sweden. The craft has been passed through generations.

"Starting off making a small glass bird in 2001, I since then have learned many techniques in New Zealand and around the world which allow me to perfect my art ".

Working with molten glass requires deep focus and is a very intense process. The difficult nature of the material brings rewarding results through consistent practice. Oliver explains that he loves the heat and the challenge of making beautiful glass.



Molten hot glass shaped and blown by hand at around one thousand degrees Celcius. A warped teardrop shape made with clear glass to dress an original filament bulb. The filaments shine and refract off the contours of the volt to give a unique one of a kind design. Quality crystal glass shaped and formed by hand using unique free form techniques are used to create V Ø L T.


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