Swimming with orcas this January in Lofoten, Norway

Up for something truly special? This January, Henry Cookson and his team ( read the article below here in A Limitless World) have secured a vessel and put together a complete team for a genuine turnkey experience in the Norwegian Arctic - swimming with Orca. Every year, Orca follow and feed off the Spring-Herring migration.


Alongside with Henry Cookson and his crew, which includes both a chef and drone operator, an professional underwater cameraman and a leading Killer Whale expert will also join. This small but impressive team will help give you unparalleled access to this seldom observed world.


This packed five-day expedition is entirely original with all aspects of the trip covered from the moment you set foot in Norway. In addition to this spectacular experience, there are many other highlights that this corner of the Arctic offers which include but are by no means limited to – wildlife encounters with Wolves, Arctic foxes and soaring sea eagles, towering fjords, dazzling Northern Lights, Dog and Reindeer Sledding, or just simply kicking back in the awe-inspiring scenery of the Lofoten Islands.


Want to find out more about this once in a lifetime experience? Contact us at info@alimitlessworld.



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